Women’s Leadership Academy

The JLO Leadership Academy served as a great resource for sharpening me as a woman, leader, and professional. Before attending the leadership academy, I had the challenge of balancing school, work, ministry, extracurricular activities, and personal leisure.  Although I was managing my responsibilities, there was a great need for more growth and the Academy aided that process.

The academy taught me how to organize and prioritize every area of my life. I learned how to become a successful woman, in preparation to become a wife and mother.  I am a firm believer that certain traits must be taught and the leadership academy is an academy set on training America’s next future women leaders.

Mizer EdwardsNew Orleans, Louisiana
“It was truly a privilege to be apart of the academy this spring.  I must say I almost cried when I recieved the special invitation to attend. I knew that it would be awesome!  I want to thank Sis Lee for blessing all of us with her nuggets of wisdom,  for her words of encouragement direction and inspiration. Everything discussed was really good but I think the parts that really stood out or impacted me the most were dissecting Proverbs 31, tips on how to be a lady, and the professional you section. I definitely saw areas in my life that need fine tuning. But just when we started to feel overwhelmed and inadequate,  you, Sis Lee, told us not to worry. You advised us to take one step at a time and let GOD complete His work in us.
So once again thank you so much.”
Sherita RobinsonMother of four, Hampton, VA

The Jade Lee Academy has blessed my life and so many different ways. It has definitely taught me how to be a lady and how to have a healthy lifestyle while working. Growing up no one ever taught me steps of how to be a lady and coming to the workshop has transform my life. Main topic that Sistler Lee spoke about was achieving your dreams. Just a while back I actually gave up some of my dreams  but after hearing that God wants you to accomplish your dreams it gave me a different perspective. I am so thankful that I attended the Jade Lee academy, everything that I have learned has blessed my life.

Andria Bertrand20 yr olds; Dallas, Texas

At JLO Leadership Academy I learned so much about how to be a lady. Growing up I’ve always thought that being a lady is by your age and the way you dress. Unfortunately, that’s definitely not the case. “Being a woman doesn’t automatic make you a women,” said by the Leadership team. A lady puts God first, family second and others third. She fears the Lord and is a prosperous woman, (Prov. 31). This lesson has taught me to dig deep and make so internal character changes. The Academy has helped me become the woman God has created me to be.

Authumn Bertrand23 yr old; Dallas, TX

2016 Women’s Leadership Academy

This Leadership Academy is a four month program for women to obtain hands on training in developing their career, personal and spiritual lives.   Together we will learn how to go to the next level in every area of our lives addressing topics such as relaxation techniques, developing a personal health plan, personal wardrobe advice, tips on motherhood and building a strong marriage/preparing for marriage.  Learn everything from Business Etiquette, Establishing your own Brand, Table Etiquette, Relating to the Opposite Sex to Occasion Dressing.  But, Why Are We Needed?

Our classes are structured into three major areas and have proven to have a high success rate in their life skill development, including obtaining/developing career or family goals. The 3 Classes provided on a monthly basis are:


      • WOL 100 Godly Womanhood  This course teaches women how to develop a consistent prayer life and keep GOD first while laying a foundation in the Proverbs 31 Characteristics of a Godly woman.  When your spiritual life is in tact and you are at peace, all other areas began to flourish.


      • WOL 101 How to be a Lady  Develeop the knowledge, skillset and discipline needed to be a Lady.  This does not come naturally and must be taught by others who know the Art of being a Lady.  Being a Lady means taking care of yourself, family and others.  Take this class to learn the art of being a lady.


      • WOL 102 Professional Development  This course will prepare you for the workplace and business entrepreneurship.  Develop the skills and work ethic needed to obtain your dreams, such as business etiquette, managing others, international table manners, interviewing skills and more.  Take your career to the next level all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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Each one of these topics are taught at each monthly session and classes will be held January 2016-April 2016, with a graduation on May 7, 2016. The first class starts on January 23, 2016, and the 1st Saturday of every month thereafter. Please note, monthly installments are due on the first of each month to ensure entry to that month’s class.

We are also pleased to announce that our classes will also be available live online! If you are currently outside the Atlanta area this is a great opportunity for you to participate in the Leadership Academy.

Sign up today to becoming a better you in every area of life and join others in saying that you became the Leader you are Called to be at this year’s Academy!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments for more information at info@jadelee.org.  Find out more about the CEO and Founder of JLO’s Academy at www.JadeLee.org.

Have questions about JadeLee.Org Women’s Leadership Academy? Contact info@JadeLee.org

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Discover Why We are Needed!

At 20 years old I have worked on both Wall Street and in Silicon Valley. In both experiences it was evident that leadership development for women is in high demand and there is a great supply. Identifying my own need for leadership growth, I have attended many leadership training’s, workshops, women’s groups, and read books but I always felt that I was neglecting my interconnected identity as a black christian woman. In church I am taught to be meek, but in professional women books I am told to make my presence known in the board room; but in the back of my mind I am aware of archetypes and stereotypes that follow me as a (loud) black woman. On the brink of concluding my college career, I felt that I was being conditioned for the ultimate performance: Being a successful black christian woman, in a white feminist world, with no script, no guidance, and little hope. Until I had the privilege to attend and graduate from the JLO Leadership Academy.

It was a privilege to attend because it acknowledged the different facets of my being; the spiritual, professional, and mental me! I could bring my entire self each month and gain wisdom, support, and encouragement from all the lessons and the other students.The instruction from Mrs. Lee was phenomenal as I felt equipped to lead a healthy life of balance. Prior to the academy I experienced anxiety attacks frequently, I had no established boundaries, and no balance. After JLO Academy, I now know that I deserve peace and I can enjoy life; both are now non-negotiable’s in my pursuit to success. I no longer feel ashamed of my desire to be CEO and business owner, but I felt empowered to do that and prepared to be a loving wife and mother as well. With the wisdom and support I gained, I know that I can be spiritually, professionally, and mentally successful.


I would strongly recommend the the JLO Academy to any woman who is looking for a breakthrough, balance, or a supportive network. The knowledge and guidance I gained has proven to be invaluable.

India AdamsColumbus, Ohio