Why Are We Needed?

For Women


    • “The wealth disparity between white and black households has more than quadrupled, regardless of income bracket.”


    • 72% of black mothers are unwed which eclipses that of most other groups: 17% of Asians, 29% of whites, 53% of Hispanics, and 66% of Native Americans


    • 24.7% of all African-Americans live in poverty in comparison to 8.6% of all non-Hispanic whites


    • Black women and men have much higher coronary heart disease death rates in the 45-57 age group than women and men of other races. 37.9% of black women than white women (19.4%) died before age 75 as a result of CHD.


    • In 2013, 29% of black women were living below the poverty line compared to 17% of all females


    • Black women are the head of 29% of all Black households which is more than twice the rate for ‘all women’ at 13 percent


    • Only 33% of Black women who gave birth were married which is almost the opposite for ‘all women’ at 64%


    • Black women have a higher unemployment rate than all women


    • The percentages of Black women who are married and who have never been married are almost the exact opposite of those percentages for ‘all women’ in America (46% of Black women have NEVER been married, 46% of ‘all women’ are CURRENTLY married)


    • Black women are less likely to be married than black men; there are about 364,000 more Black men who are married than Black women even though Black women are 51% of the black population


    • 94% of Black women are married to Black men and 85% of Black men are married to Black women

For Girls


    • Over 80% of 10 year old girls are afraid of being fat.


    • By middle school, 40-70 percent of girls are dissatisfied with two or more parts of their body, and body satisfaction hits rock bottom between the ages of 12 and 15.


    • Girls’ self-esteem drops at 12 years of age and does not improve until 20 (particularly in the area of their body shape).


    • 60% of girls compare their bodies to a fashion magazine.


    • Teenage girls with low self-esteem are twice as likely to report alcohol use.


    • Obese children are 63% more likely to be bullied


    • Girls with high self-esteem in 7th grade are three times more likely to remain a virgin than girls with low self-esteem


    • 80% of girls raped were raped by someone they knew

Black Girls:


    • Black girls’ suspension rate is six times higher than their white female counterparts


    • 43% of black women without a high school degree were living in poverty in 2013, compared to 28% of white women


    • Black women with full time jobs working year-round still make only 64 cents on the dollar compared to white men, and 82 cents for every dollar that their white female counterparts make


    • Although blacks make up only 13.6% of the population they account for 50.3% of all diagnosed cases of HIV


    • Nearly half of the nation’s African American students attend high schools in low-income areas with dropout rates that hover in the 40-50% range


    • Fewer than half of the black students who enroll in college graduate from four-year institutions within six years.

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