The Return of the 70s


As an avid blogger, I love to read and check out other blogs for inspiration. My fellow fashionistas in the digital space are always up to date on the latest styles and trends. Recently, I cannot help but notice that the latest inspiration for many is the 70s era. Sometimes we can get so caught up with the latest fashion trends and following them that we forget about some of the timeless styles of the past.

The 70s was a time period marked with a very distinct style that stands out among many other eras. The 70s provided us with various trends such as bell bottom jeans, large hoop earrings, colorful turtlenecks and so much more! The essence of these styles still lives on in similar pieces. Bell bottom jeans have now been modernized into wide legged pants, large hoop earrings have been made cute and small and turtlenecks still come out in the fall season. These trends clearly have not died out but have been translated into our time through modernized versions of each piece.fcddbc05f13b97eb765d3b554220f65b

The 70s are making a comeback not only in clothing but in hair and makeup as well. Big full hair has been the go to for many colored girls and the influence of the afro shows no sign of slowing down. The bigger the hair, the bolder the makeup, the better; that is the 70s.

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The return of the 70s is proof that signature style does not just live in trends or types of dress but that style lives within many things. We often see style by each decade but style can be seen in seasons, cultures, cities and even in the hearts of individuals.

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