How to Wear Denim on Denim

by Fennella Miller
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Believe it or not denim on denim is actually a combo that works very well. You can wear a denim skirt with a denim top or vice versa. The denim does not have to match in order for you to pull off a classic look. You can mix dark denim with lighter denim in order to create a great contrast and to add more depth to your look. To try something a bit more creative wear ripped, bleached or even denim with writing on it. All of these options will create a very bold and artistic look that will definitely scream CREATIVE.


A great place to get affordable denim is at the thrift store. You can find cheap yet high quality denim in an abundance. The plethora of denim that you can find at the thrift store not only varies in color and style but varies in time period as well. Though modern more tailored denim is nice, vintage denim can offer a classic throwback look.

*FASHION TIP: Make sure to try catching great deals at thrift stores on their sale and discount days.

Denim skirts are a great option for those who want to look like a lady but add a subtle coolness to their look. Is it hard for you to find a denim skirt? Well look no further! You can actually turn denim pants into a skirt very easily. Do not just throw away your old jeans, revamp them into skirts. With the help of Youtube you can even transform them into tops, purses, accessories and so much more! Here at Jade we are all about finding innovative ways to wear and create our own clothing! Reusing and revamping clothing is a great way to do that. Stretch your fashion abilities and try new styles with uncommon things, such as denim!

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