Curly Hairstyles for Natural Hair


Afros are the signature natural hair style. When many think of afros they think of power movements and iconic women. It is just something about a woman with a beautiful afro that is so captivating. Like twists and braids, afros can be achieved through extensions and weaves as well. Afro extensions and weaves are ideal for those with permed hair that want to achieve a natural afro look or for those with natural hair that want to add some length to their tresses or try a new color.


If you are looking for a natural hair style with some flavor, braids are a great natural hair style with some cultural expression to it. Many different colors have signature braids styles such as French braids or African style braids. Like twists extensions, braid extensions can be done in many different colors. Lately many fashionistas have been experimenting with unconventional hair colors in their afro’s and natural hair styles such as pink, blue, purple and even green. Colors can add more personality to these natural hairstyles.


One of the most simple hairstyles that can be achieved with natural hair are twists. There are many diverse types of twists styles, from Havana to Marley to Senegalese. Natural hair sisters have learned how to add their own unique touches to twists hairstyles. Twists can be done on one’s own natural hair or extensions can be added to achieve longer twists. You can also style your twists in up-dos, buns, pigtails etc.
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