The 28 Day Love Challenge

Becoming Women who Love Deeply!

Becoming Women who Love Deeply!

As we all know, the month of February is the Month of Love.  We started the year off with a 21 Day fast but didn’t want to stop.  As a prayer family, we grew in love with waking up every morning to one another’s presence in united intercession.

So now we are continuing this rhythm for all of February.  To the right, you will see all of our topics for this month’s prayer calls, every morning at 6am.

We are believing GOD to be better women in every area of our lives so we are focusing on praying for our future children, marriages and careers.  Those of us that are already married are praying for our current husbands and children. 

Now is the time, not later, to become an Intentional Warrior Woman who learns how to take matters into her own hands.  Now is the time to become a Generational Trend Breaker in our family line.  No more poverty, food stamps, broken marriages, unexplained singleness, and frustrated plans. 

Through this sisterhood we are going to overcome these areas in our families, communities and nation that are hindering the next generation.

And finally, let’s remember, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

“Forgotten Heroines”

In honor of Black History Month, we will also be honoring America’s “Forgotten Heroines.” 

black history month Join us in honoring these women the world has forgotten to remember.  They have help up our nation from a foundational level, advancing us in ways we are not taught about in our school systems or homes.  That is why we are taking the month of February to remember a few great women. 

If we do not teach ourselves this history it falls between the cracks and we lose the inspiration their lies give us as women.  Be Inspired, Encouraged and Transformed by their accomplishments in the midst of heavy resistance. 

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Daily Prayer Schedule:

2/1-2/28, Every day on prayer line 6am, On Periscope Every Monday at 6am

Wednesday, 2/1- Day Off

Thursday, 2/2- Prayer Requests 114

Friday, 2/3- Loving Yourself 115

Saturday, 2/4- Loving Your GOD 116

Sunday, 2/5-  Loving Your Husband 119

Monday, 2/6- Loving Your Children 120

Tuesday, 2/7- Loving Your Calling

Wednesday, 2/8- Loving Your Enemies

Thursday, 2/9- Loving Your Family

Friday, 2/10- Loving Your Friends

Saturday, 2/11- Loving Your Hair

Sunday, 2/12- Loving Your Ethnicity

Monday, 2/13- Loving Your Home

Tuesday, 2/14- Loving Your Parents

Wednesday, 2/15- Loving Your Community

Thursday, 2/16-Loving Your City

Friday, 2/17- Loving Your Nation

Saturday, 2/18-Loving Your Spiritual Children

Sunday, 2/19- Loving Your Life (Contentment)

Monday, 2/20- Loving Your Body

Tuesday, 2/21- Loving Your Talents

Wednesday, 2/22- Loving Your Personality

Thursday, 2/23- Loving Your Passions
Friday, 2/24- Loving Your Challenges
Saturday, 2/25- Loving Your Church
Sunday, 2/26- Loving Your Pastors
Monday, 2/27- Loving Your Career: Job, Boss & CoWorkers
Tuesday, 2/28- Love Testimonies

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