You Are Loved Beyond Performance

Paige Smith

Have you ever needed to know you are loved just for who you are, apart from anything you do or accomplish?

This need is one we all can relate to on some level, it is the need for approval.

Approval is when we are shown love, value, and blessing simply for who we are.

We all need to be reminded at times of just how wonderful we are in the eyes of our Heavenly Father irregardless of anything we do.

It can be so easy to believe that love must be worked for, earned, and achieved. But true love is not a reward for good performance; true love is unconditional and loves just because.

True love has no conditions, no limitations, no boundaries.

Real love doesn’t love with conditional if statements attached to it. Unconditional love is just that; it loves despite the ever changing “ifs” of life.

That is the kind of love God pours out on us and the kind of love He empowers us to give to one another. A love that is given whether or not the person is rich, successful, tall, short, popular, healthy, etc. It’s the kind of love we base our marriages upon. It is “for richer or poorer, ’til death do us part.”

That is approval.

Approval has nothing to do with what a person does, but everything to do with who they are and celebrating that identity to the utmost.

Do you know that God celebrates who you are?

Even before you were able to do anything, in your mothers womb, God had chosen you and given you identity (Jeremiah 1:1). He celebrates the unique personality only you have!

It can be discouraging seeking out approval with man because people aren’t always able to see our worth. Many times the very ones we long for approval from are the most critical in our lives.

Yet we can take heart in the fact that our creator, the God of the universe, the one who makes the planets orbit, paints the sunset, and holds galaxies in His hands, approves of us as His beloved children.

As we lift our hearts and hands to Him He will heal the broken recesses of our hearts where we haven’t received the approval we needed in life from others.

We may have thought the only way to be loved is to perform but He loves us just for who we are and just the way we are.

I think of when my son Elijah was born a little over a year ago. His birth and his life has become one of the most joyous moments of my life! I remember holding him for the first time and his little hand squeezing my finger, his pure eyes searching out mine. I was full of love for him.

He hadn’t done anything, in fact he needed help to do anything from eating to cleaning himself. Yet I and so many others loved him just because of who he was. We passed around photos of him, delighting in his smile, the way he grinned in his sleep, his toes, the curls of his hair, even his cry.

If this is how I felt about my son as an imperfect person, just imagine how your Heavenly Father feels about you!

He delights in you and He blesses you just for who you are!

He declares you are fearfully and wonderfully made!
He has good thoughts towards you!
He rejoices over you!
You are lovely to him!
Your face is beautiful to him!
He loves to hear your voice!

And the best part is:

Nothing can separate you from His love.

It is unconditional. It is the love of a Perfect Father for His child.

Believe that you already have His approval and blessing, it doesn’t come with any stipulations, any check list, it is freely given. Now breathe deeply, let go of the pressure to perform and produce, and freely recieve God’s approval of you!

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  1. Amonie R.
    Amonie R. says:

    *exhales* This was breathe-takingly beautiful! So refreshing; and this is such a wonderful thing to continually remind ourselves of. Our Father approves of us, and love us unconditionally!


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