The Secret to Prosperity

Many times we are wondering how to become more prosperous- not only financially, but in our health, marriage life, career, and self (mentality, emotions and physical condition).  But rarely do we question how our spirituality may be affecting all of these other areas.

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.  3 John 1:2

The key to prosperity is hidden in this sacred writing.  “I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you.”  These two elements are paramount to a prosperous life.  Living a life that is thriving and flourishing is more than “just getting by” or “making it.”  Prosperity is the place where you have learned to enjoy life to the fullest.  It is a step beyond contentment; it is the realization of a submergence in purpose.

This does not mean that every area of your life has reached perfection and there is no difficulty.  Instead it means that one’s soul is at it’s crest in three major areas: mind, will, emotions.  When your thoughts are positive, constantly focus on good, life challenges, though difficult, become stepping stones towards goal realization.

The types of thoughts we want to consistently refocus on are:

  • Truth– reality beyond limited perception
  • Nobility– the people and actions in your life worth honoring due to high character
  • Justice– the elements, thoughts and people that are right in your life
  • Purity– the people, thoughts and actions that are innocent in your life (looking for moments of innocence in others; people you can trust)
  • Lovely– what is acceptable, enjoyable and pleasing to you (what makes you happy)
  • Good Reports– words that were spoken kindly to you and/or brought you happiness
  • Virtue– admirable actions of others or of GOD
  • Praise– commendable actions causing you to celebrate GOD, yourself or others

When our mind is constantly focused on reality, but in an intentionally positive manner, we are able to bring negative thoughts captive and under these exciting happenings.  We begin to see the good in all situations and people.  We purposely refocus our thoughts on the people, activities and actions that bring us joy.  Then we meditate (stop to think about) these happy moments until our heart swells with a positive emotion.

As our mind begins to prosper, we will notice other areas of our life advance as well.  We begin to change because our outlook has evolved.  We treat others better, we love ourselves more, we have more energy to face life challenges, people respond to our great attitude differently and we attract success because of a successful mentality.  We tend to draw others who have a similar life attitude.

The appropriate mentality about your marriage may look like thinking about what one’s spouse is doing right, what you can praise your spouse for and the admirable characteristics of your lover.  The appropriate mentality about your children may be noticing and rewarding what they are doing well (schoolwork, cleaning their bedroom, a specific sport activity) or enjoying the innocence of their childhood.  The appropriate mentality about your coworker may be refocusing on their strengths or aspects of their personality you enjoy.

Secondly, our desires coming into alignment is essential if we want to see abundance.   We may desire to respond in a negative manner to a person cutting us off on the street, an angry boss or an injustice at home, but tempering our mannerisms will yield accomplishment.

Your will is “the power of making a reasoned choice or decision or of controlling one’s own actions” (Webster’s Dictionary).  When we use the power we have to be reasonable, making sound decisions this directly affects the outcomes in our lives.  We learn how to determine some of the potential future events by being watchful of others and how we respond.  For example, you may have a management position at work, constantly having to engage varying personalities.  You ponder how to handle one individual seeming to constantly have a negative mentality, facial expression and attitude.  Your decision to smile, compliment and reward this person whenever you find an opportunity can affect the turn out of that relationship.

He or she may begin to change due to your behavior, enhancing your team moral.  But even if they do not, your will power and great decision making skills have positioned you to 1. have a great reputation or 2. Not be controlled by another’s poor perspective.  You are then able to keep your cool, functioning in the capacity of a leader, bringing out the best in others and becoming an established authority wherever you perform.

Some of the results of your wonderful judgment are rewards from GOD, others and family.  You begin to be noticed and recognized as different, excelling beyond the norm due to your intentionality.

And thirdly, taking control of your emotions will bring you health in many areas of  your life.  Did you know that less than 40% of all Americans have good health?  Or that Harvard Medical School states that “health problems” occur due constant stress?  For example, stress can cause “heart disease…blood pressure…and suppresses the immune system, increasing susceptibility to colds and other illnesses.”  It can also cause “depression.”

Do you often feel the following emotions?

Anger, Frustration, Disappointment, Hatred, Sadness, Negative Shock, Deep Sorrow, Grief or Pain

It is obviously very important to use the lessons we have learned regarding our mentality to help redirect these undesirable sentiments.  As we practice seeing the best in every situation, it becomes much easier to escape the patterns leading to consistent stress.

Below are 7 Tips to Enjoying Your Life through relaxation that will lead towards having feeling such as joy, peace, happiness, expectation, gratitude, hope love and pleasure more often:

  1. Evaluate the people in your life and choose your inner circle based on their character
  2. Find activities that make you happy
  3. Start a positivity journal- writing down small joys you can meditate on daily
  4. Create a place of prayer and meditation in your home that you enjoy daily
  5. Discover prayer and the power of Scripture- learn to develop a strong relationship with GOD
  6. Take a warm bath, dim the lights and listen to relaxing music to wind down from a long day
  7. Turn off the stressors- cell phone, emails, people you know tend to cause stress and get around the positives

Upon discovering a positive mindset, how to develop a tempered will and taking control of your emotions, you will soon find that you are thriving beyond your dreams.  You are able to set your mind on desired goals, elevating every area of your life.

To go on a journey of finding life purpose, this resource will help you get there!

You can also sign up for my Free Success E-Course for more inspiration in living a well-rounded life of joy and prosperity.



14 replies
  1. osiga
    osiga says:

    I think that this was an awesome blog post! it helps you to realize the importance of your mind and mindset. I’ve been one to always deal with my mind set it could be school, working out, being around people a million trillion thoughts used to always run through my mind about EVERYTHING and it caused me to be a very unhappy person (because sometimes they weren’t positive thoughts). its easier to deal with a problem when you acknowledge the root of. It also helps that you give solutions. i want to live a prosperous life so thank you for this amazing blog 🙂 !!

    • Jade Lee
      Jade Lee says:


      I am elated that you found Solutions in this post that will lead to peace of mind and joy. That is a flattering compliment to my intentions when writing these messages. Love, Peace and Joy to you!

  2. Emelia Minta
    Emelia Minta says:

    This blog post was very helpful, the steps at the bottom are truly beneficial because often when scripture or teaching is read, putting them into to action can be difficult. Thank you!

    • Jade Lee
      Jade Lee says:

      Yes I agree that applying the Scriptures can be very difficult for many of us and I have seen this over the years but having practical steps in place is extremely helpful in knowing how to walk these truths out in our daily lives. I’m overjoyed in knowing that you have been inspired by this peace!

  3. Andria
    Andria says:

    This blog post was amazing! It defiantly opened up my eyes to realize the importance on mediating on what brings you joy and happiness. Everything that was posted I will apply it to my life. Thank you so much!

  4. Darquise
    Darquise says:

    This blog is amazing! I realize how dangerous having negative thoughts or outlooks can be, however I always struggle with ways to overcome my frustrations and irritations quickly without negatively affecting loved ones. I needed this encouragement and list of spiritual and practical examples to overcome. Thank you For the post!!!

    • Jade Lee
      Jade Lee says:

      It’s refreshing to know you have discovered the art of bringing down negative thoughts quickly! I’m really happy to know that these examples have been an inspiration to you

  5. Paige
    Paige says:

    Thank you for this blog! It so helpful and relevant to my life! I’m in a major season of transition and my thought life can sometimes bend to negativity, doubt, or discouragement. I loved reading about what and who specifically I should focus my thoughts on (things that are noble, true, lovely, just, etc). I’m looking forward to applying this and seeing the fruit in my life and family!

    • Jade Lee
      Jade Lee says:

      Sweet Paige,

      You are always so thoughtful and your comments are always very insightful. I’m hoping you are able to find the positives in the transition, which can be very challenging but is possible! May your thoughts constantly be refocused on what really matters and those noble truths in your life. Love, Peace and Joy to you!

  6. Janae
    Janae says:

    This is a great example of a Bible verse that I have always heard but never really had understanding. Reading this post has brought deeper understanding to the health and wellness of my soul, and body as well. I now have solid things to meditate and refocus my mind to through the day. My favorite part is the is the 7 Tips, I will try #3 today! Thank you!


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