Overcoming the Infertility Mentality

Jade Lee

Today I would like to lovingly introduce you to a concept entitled the Infertility Mentality.  This is the train of thought reflecting a place of “stuck” and “quit,” consistently uttering the subsequent notion within your subconscious intellect, “I will never _______.” 

Have Children…Realize My Dreams…Get Married…Be Fruitful…Multiply…Be Successful…Be An Entrepreneur…Overcome this Weakness.

What is the Never we have Received as Actual?

What is the never we have received as actual?

The Infertility Mentality is found in more than the barren woman hoping to have children; quite the contrary, it is housed in the minds of all of us if we are not careful, but particularly in the waiting process.

This one word…Infertility is as a needle-like fastening into a studded wall, threatening to clasp us onto its vertical wood panel, a piece of shameful art for all to behold as we WAIT.

This avoided word consists of a small, equally unwelcomed term, “Infer.”  To gain a more in depth understanding of this place called “Stuck” we must understand “Infer.”

To Infer, according to the Webster’s Dictionary, means “to conclude by reasoning from evidence or premises; deduce,” “to involve or imply as a conclusion: give evidence of.”

This is why we develop an Infertile Mentality, painfully puncturing our weakened hearts: we have concluded by reasoning from the evidence and previous propositions provided that we are glued.

We cannot, will not, do not know how else to Get Out of our current dilemma.

We have the seeming inability to figure; it is beyond us how to get over this persistent hurdle.  Therefore, our reasoning quenches all faith, concluding that this must not be meant to be–our once awe struck dreamy hearts now become deadened and lifelessly drained.

This is the Infertility Mentality.

It is one of the greatest testimonies to our Considerable Need, our Humanity and our Weakness without the evident conceptualization of the Almighty’s Unlimited Power.

Instead, we heed to self reasoning; all that remains is doom to utter hopelessness.  But as we are gently prompted in His goodness, our once enervated souls begin to blossom.

This idea produces fond yet bitter sweet memories of my track and field glory days, those delightful moments of victory.  We would run for miles and miles, in wooded lots, open fields, valleys and mountains.  Yet every terrain would bring with it inevitable challenges.

As we dreadfully walked up to the university 15 passenger hearse, we were being escorted to, my whole body would tense and cringe.  It never seemed to feel any less than a live death process.  And this is Not an exaggerated description. 

Even practices–running up and down, up and down hills that I wished were never created in the mind of GOD–were so painful it would take every measure of mental strength in me to block out the soon-coming portion of my day entitled 3:30PM.

Oh how I would long for it to never come, yet wanted it so greatly that I may obtain the Champion’s Prize.

One by one, we would silently take slow steps up, seating ourselves apprehensively onto the cushioned benches.  The 15 minute trip could never be too prolonged.  You could hear a pin drop as we each gazed out the clear, glass panes thinking of the pain we were about to endure; but not one of us would trade the approaching glory on our team’s horizon.

It was in practices like these, traversing through varying terrains that I learned the Art of Perseverance.  I learned the power of Visualization.  I learned no matter the extent or duration of pain, it would soon have it’s resolution if only I Did Not Discontinue.

There were summations of discomfort in these Glory Days that would bring the most resolute atheist to her knees in prayer, Crying out, “Jesus!” due to a desire for momentary relief.

Self Reasoning and Figuring were not enough to endure in moments like this, we would gather together with huddled hands asking for the Favor of a Greater Power as we pressed into the Impossible.

And these identical principles have guided me through the concept I have introduced today, the Infertility Mentality.

If I do not give up, if I continue, if I endure, if I press in, if I lean on His strength and believe in who He says that I am, then I will see GOD move this Mountain out of my way!

If I do not give up, if I continue, if I endure, if I press in, if I lean on His strength and believe in who He says that I am, then I will see GOD move this Mountain out of my way!

This is the mental disposition of a Champion.

The reality is that inference based on intellect without Biblical truth is rooted in a falsehood.

We will all, at some point, arrive to a situational state of less-than-enough, typically through an unexpected turn in our lives.  But this does not have to be the equivalent of hopelessness nor incompetence.

The favored text, “I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me” is fitting when in this position.

As we absorb this truth beyond our natural or circumstantial reasoning, we are able to obtain FAITH, the substance of things we cannot see, the evidence of the desires we hope for–our faith extends beyond rational conclusion to a Higher Being.  His name is Jesus.

FAITH is not knowing GOD can do it; it is knowing He Will Do It.     

This is the key to overcoming an Infertile Mentality (Believing We Cannot Reproduce nor Be Successful in Accomplishing an Intended Goal).

The reality is that faith is antonymous to inference.  Faith is “belief without evidence.”  This attribute extends beyond our own understanding to visualize what has yet to be materialized.

When we are operating out of an emotional or rational mentality our faith competence level begins to quickly deteriorate, but there are seasons of testing requiring an allegiance to GOD’s Word beyond displayed verification.

Perhaps you have endeavored to stroll upon the raging, troubled waters of your night hour.  For a moment, the sole of your strolling feet tred upon trembling waves as your eyes were entirely set on His. 

Nonetheless, our tired minds wear out of focus as we experience a power beyond this world and we all too soon find ourselves back in this realm of fallen perspective.  Joining the great saint, Peter, mixed emotions fill our expanded souls as we meditate on the wonder of that astounding second.

That was the exact point in time we began to believe at a higher level, while simultaneously refocusing on a lower mentality.  And it was then our minds wondered away from truth.

Near 2000 years ago, 1,987 to be exact, Peter would find Jesus in the darkest hour of the night, immediately prior to the emerging of a new day.  It was on the fourth watch, 3-6am that he saw the Son of GOD joining wondering, terrified hearts in awe of His majesty–captivated by His limitless mastery of even the winds and the waves.

In this hour Peter stood against all odds.

And today, 2000 years later, each one of us can stand; more accurately, walk on water, defying nature’s description of possible.

The noteworthy announcement is: although you and I have tried before, sinking into the ocean of life’s trouble, the reality is we have done what many will never.  We have accomplished the impossible, believing in a Man others have certainly not seen.

If we have been in this pinnacle-like position, we can join Him there again; the same power is readily available in spite of our humanity.

Can you see the scarlet breached palms of the Wounded One extended in endearment, suspending time to summon you back in belief and enwonderment?

He is patiently awaiting our heroic resolution to saunter upon these agitated floods of apprehension, knowing His gentle voice will shatter this ranting tempest, and the light around which we course will shine on a newly discovered day.  We are in Breakthrough.

I humbly invite you to share how you have found joy in life’s seemingly impossible situations?  What were your keys to overcoming the fear of Never Seeing Breakthrough?  How can I lift you in prayer?

Thank you readers for your time and warm thoughts as we jointly seek to  become a little more like Him.

Love & Affection,

Jade Lee 


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  1. Asia Wilson
    Asia Wilson says:

    Thank you Minister Lee for such beautiful writing and message. I have found joy during my going-on 6-year university process. I have gone through all of the infertile thinking that “I will never graduate,” “I am not smart enough to be at this school,” and trying to discover my self-worth outside of my academic performance. However, during this past year with the help of Jesus and leadership in my life, I was able to see all the treasures I have discovered through this journey. I have given my life completely to Jesus Christ, discovered my passion for art, got accepted into the best internship and met amazing people. I think when we consider ourselves stuck, we discredit all of the growth and learning we obtain during our waiting process. What helps me to overcome the fear of not seeing breakthrough it to acknowledge the seemingly smaller victories. I acknowledge the new knowledge I’ve acquired about myself and how God sees my process. Faith is the main piece to overcoming fear. Just as I had gotten it in my mind that I would never graduate or I am not smart enough, I put that energy in saying that God has brought me to my school and He’s GOING to have me graduate from here or God has made me smart enough to attend this school and stay here. Although I am still working towards graduation, I know that there is more for me to learn and understand during my process that will help me be prepared for my inevitable breakthrough. I would like to request prayer for pressing more into God’s Word and how He is.


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