New Women, Old Wounds

Jade Lee {Podcast at Bottom}

Throughout the month of March we will be focusing on the Concept of New Women, Old Wounds.  Over the past 13 years of ministry involvement I have found myself both healing internally and helping others heal the wounds of their childhood.

This has become a theme in my ministry reach to women and men around me, and essential to our walk with GOD is our mental-emotional health excelling.  In fact, we have found a steady decline in church attendance and the family unit in our nation.

In a time when over 70% of black youth grow up in fatherless homes and the national average of fatherlessness is over 20 million children (33%) we need to learn how to heal from these deep pains of neglect or mistreatment.

Being that I talk with women ages 18-35 on an almost daily basis, helping them through the healing process, I have also found that the pain goes deeper than friendship or adult relationships.  It usually stems back to childhood lacks and needs.

This is why we are taking an entire month to address these needs in our lives!

There is a direct correlation between the pains of our childhood and our adult relationships.

When we realize the connection between our childhood wounds and the current challenges felt in our adult interactions we are able to begin the healing process.

The idea of new women with old wounds is a concept I discovered in the popular Scripture, 1 Corinthians 5:17 but throughout the Bible it shares that when we come into relationship with Jesus we are made new:

We are now new in Christ, we are no longer the old women we used to be but we are born again.  And we are living in  a new covenant, testament or commandment.  Jesus said, “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, thaty e also love one another.” (John 13:34)

The new way of living and seeing life, the way to see His Word is through the eyes of love.

This is also the key to discovering healing from these “Old Wounds.”

It is when we see GOD’s Word from the perspective of who He is firstly then who we are secondly that we are healed.

When the LOVE Jesus spoke of in John 13 is given to us by our needs being met relationally, we are filled up to overflowing, a chain reaction of wholeness begins to occur deep within our souls.

We no longer live by a list of rules, although there is nothing wrong with obedience out of common sense or necessity.  There is a more freeing and better level of obedience that comes out of knowing we are loved then freely giving back to the one who loves us unconditionally.

Jesus has made us New with a Grand Expression of His Love.  He has made us a new creation.  He has washed away all of our sins- past, present and future.  This experience and knowledge is freeing, it is real.

It is also our positioning in Christ legally.  We can believe it and know it is true by faith.  As we know it on an intellectual level it begins to change us inwardly on an emotional level and we feel His love.

This is the power of meditation.  Thinking on the truth over and over again creates a spirit and reality of success (The Joshua 1:8 Principle).

The other reality we deal with is that we do not feel, think or see the fullness of our positioning in Christ fully; we are still in a process of seeing the evidence of this truth in our lives.

This is why Jesus died and said, “It is finished” but He also said we are being transformed and conformed to His image.

We must still face real life situations, people and pains that have caused our hearts to be wounded.  We are new women with old wounds that we must address while knowing the finished work is already accomplished on the cross.

Understanding our positioning in Christ will help us receive freedom from the past, using our faith to declare, “The old has gone and the new is here!” 

We are like a beautiful butterfly coming into newness of life, out of a cocoon, yet there is a wound on one of her wings.  We are that butterfly and GOD is removing all of our blemishes until we can fly unblemished in unadulterated freedom.

Wound- An injury that is caused when a knife, bullet, etc., cuts or breaks the skin; a feeling of sadness, anger, etc., that is caused by something bad that has happened to you; An injury to the body (as from violence, accident, or surgery) that typically involves laceration or breaking of a membrane (as the skin) and usually damage to underlying tissues; a mental or emotional hurt or blow

We will discover the layers of woundedness in our hearts and begin to allow GOD by His presence, to unwind the pains of our hearts until we are healed.

Know that this is a 31 day process.  Each day we will pray together, weep together, take communion together and anoint ourselves with oil symbolically representing GOD’s Presence to heal.

Will you join us?

Simply call the prayer line at 712.770.4010; Access Code 256697.

Be Patience, Smile, Expect GOD and Know that He Cares for your every Pain.

Here’s our prayer schedule…
Daily Prayer Schedule:
• Prayer Calls, March 1-31, 6am; Mondays on Periscope (@JadeLee_Now) at 6am
• Resources: The Holy Bible, Journal, Intimacy Encounters (David Ferguson)
• March 1- Introducing New Women Old Wounds
• March 2- The Promise of Healing
• March 3- The Promise of Restoration
• March 4- The Promise of Hope
• March 5- Experiencing GOD’s Comfort
• March 6- New Beginnings
• March 7- Understanding Intimacy Needs
• March 8- Fatherhood Wounds
• March 9- Motherhood Wounds
• March 10- The Wound of Lacking Encouragement (Inadequacy)
• March 11- The Wound of Lacking Acceptance (Rejection)
• March 12- The Wound of Lacking Approval (Disapproval)
• March 13- The Wound of Lacking Appreciation (Criticism)
• March 14- The Wound of Lacking Affection (Disapproval)
• March 15- The Wound of Lacking Attention (Being Ignored)
• March 16- The Wound of Lacking Comfort (Feeling Pain)
• March 17- The Wound of Lacking Respect (Feeling Devalued)
• March 18- The Wound of Lacking Security (Needing Peace)
• March 19- The Wound of Lacking Support (Aloneness)
• March 20- The Wound of Verbal Abuse
• March 21- The Wound of Physical Abuse
• March 22- The Wound of Manipulation
• March 23- The Wound of Failure
• March 24- The Wound of Self Hatred
• March 25- The Wound of Condemnation/Shame
• March 26- The Wound of Guilt
• March 27- The Wound of Fear/Anxiety/Insecurity
• March 28- The Wound of Anger/Resentment/Bitterness
• March 29- The Wound of Hurt/Sadness/Disappointment
• March 30- Old Wounds: The Old is Gone, How to Get Rid of Old Wounds
• March 31- Celebration of Freedom from Wounds (On Periscope)

You can buy my mentor’s book here:

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Do you believe it’s true that childhood wounds can still effect you into your adulthood?  What has GOD showed you about how to heal from old wounds?  Are you excited about entering another level of healing through these prayer calls, GOD’s Presence and His Word?

I look forward to praying with you and hearing your story!

In His Love,

Jade Lee

2 replies
  1. Gabriella
    Gabriella says:

    Thank you so much for this blog post, prayer topics, and the prayerlines that will be held all this month i can definitely say that as a young adult there are a lot of childhood wounds (that I didnt consider as wounds until i read your blog) that has been affecting till this present day .Im excited for this journey of deep healing and becoming a healed butterfly so i can truely fly the way God has created me to fly .

    • Jade Lee
      Jade Lee says:

      Thank you for your response! We are excited to go on this journey together to see healing in our lives and I am believing GOD with you for all of those wounds to be addressed by His loving hand


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