How to Love God, Have a Winning Career & Enjoy Your Life

Have you ever noticed that you love your family more than your job but find yourself spending extra hours working when you should be spending time with your children?  Do you find yourself putting others before yourself but to your own detriment?  How do you love GOD, have a winning career and enjoy your life with balance?

If you really want to be successful the first step is to get all of your priorities in order.  The order should look like: Spiritual, Personal and then Professional.

I’m sure you definitely want to have these three aspects of your life in the right order and have already made up your mind to make sure they are right, but many times our decisions don’t really reflect our prioritizations.

It’s because there’s something you haven’t learned yet about making it all flow in a way that is both productive and fun.

It isn’t really hard to learn and I can walk you through it.  Because we love when our family, career life and personal health is all full throttle.

The key to making this all flow is simple awareness. When we are aware of our moment by moment decision making process, we begin making wiser decisions.  Of course, this also takes a determination to be disciplined and remain faithful to our pre-chosen value system.

If we decide that our spiritual life must come first, we need a measurable plan to ensure this is actualized.  For example, if our spiritual life is really first, then we find ways to incorporate GOD in every area of our lives, we spend time in meditation, prayer and reading His Word.

This is how we grow.

But we must also use this as a guideline when making everyday choices.  When one of our children asks, “Daddy, can you play with me?”  or “Mom, can you take me to the store?”  we are at a pivotal moment of decision.  Learning to stop and think about our priorities at that very moment will aid us in making the right choices.

Training ourselves to literally think, “What is more important, me getting this email sent to a coworker or spending time with my daughter?”  will help us discover the right answer.

Of course, your daughter is more important but applying this mental process will help you Live Out your life values.

You will prosper as your soul prospers.

Now we are at a point where we can look at a few steps to help you grow spiritually:

  1. Determine where your relationship with GOD is currently- this is very personal and each one of us must talk to GOD or trusted friends to help us see how we can get closer to Him.
  2. Get a Bible and take time daily to read it; this may be hard for some but applying step three will ease the process.
  3. Purchase a Daily Devotional or get one for free on a Bible App such as YouVersion or IDisciple (low fee).  This will help you know where to begin and study topics.
  4. Find others who share your beliefs and discuss your growth process together.
  5. Journal areas you see improvement and the need for growth in your spiritual life.
  6. Pray- demystify it by simply talking to GOD as you would to a friend about what is actually occurring in your life.
  7. Have fun!  Part of spirituality is relaxing and enjoying your life so you can fulfil your purpose with joy.

Once we decide to really live a life that would make GOD happy and give us true fulfilment we can begin building our personal lives.

Taking care of ourselves is oftentimes the last agenda on our list, but it should be the first.  For years I put myself last thinking this was some sort of noble cause, but it only left me experiencing burn out and wanting to give up on my purpose.

It was only when I built appropriate boundaries that I began to live in joy again; I implore you to learn to love yourself.  Others will take advantage of the boundaries you have yet to set because they think it is acceptable to treat you in certain manners.

It may be difficult to lovingly say “No” but this is a key to enjoying your life, taking care of your health and ensuring the one’s you love most have the time they need with you.

There are a few ways you can position your personal life for success:

  1. Access your physical health- how are you doing with doctor appointments, working out consistently and eating well?
  2. Pay attention to your mental health- no, you are not crazy but life has a way of draining us mentally if we are not careful.  Are you feeling drained, empty or a lack of purpose?  Maybe it’s time to talk to someone you trust or journal how you are feeling so this does not begin to intrude valuable areas of your life.
  3. Listen to your body- when you are tired all of the time and feel like you need a break.  Stop.  Do it before you have a break down or get sick.  Your body knows when it needs a hiatus.
  4. Set clear boundaries.  When others speak to you condescendingly, constantly interrupt you, show up at inappropriate times or in other ways violate you learn to speak up.  Communicate your preferences and if they do not heed, create space.
  5.  Rest- take a day weekly to relax, unwind and do something fun.
  6. Know your joys- what makes you happy?  Write a list and keep it nearby for stressful days.  Invest in your joy.
  7. Find friends you actually like- discover the people that make you come to life- loved ones, family, friends; make these people your inner circle.
  8. Invest in your personal development- take a class, read a book, go to a
  9. Invest in your family- identify ways you can make your family happy- your husband, wife, children, parents and others, then add these events into your daily schedule.
  10. Ensure your finances are being well managed and you include vacation/sabbatical time.

Upon refocusing on your spiritual and personal health, it is time to create a professional plan.

Most people I have met are fairly strong in either their spiritual and personal growth or their professional growth, but it is rare that many are rich in both (add article here on family-work life balance).

Applying the above principles and then these truths on your career life will help you grow in all areas.

As a professional you need to be intentional about your development and know where you want to go:

  1. Create a personal brand
  2. Write your vision for your professional growth
  3. Develop your time management skills
  4. Invest in yourself through seminars and conferences
  5. Learn how to be a strong leader others want to follow
  6. Budget your finances wisely
  7. Network with other professionals to build your corporate life
  8. Be an entrepreneur, even if you work for another

Learn more about how to be a professional in my 10 Day Success E-Package.

And let’s commit to getting our priorities in order so we can grow in a way we are happy with the results called our lives.


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  1. Asia
    Asia says:

    The steps really helped break down how to prioritize each of these areas! I’m going to try this to see if I can have more balance to me life. Thank you!

    • Jade Lee
      Jade Lee says:

      Hi lovely Asia. I’m thrilled to know that these steps have been of help to you in prioritizing your life spiritually, personally and then professionally. I’m confident you will find the balance you desire as you aim towards positioning your life for success (in every area). So many never take the step you have determined, but you will cherish the fruitfulness in your life that comes in making this decision. Peace & Love to you!

  2. Joni
    Joni says:

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    I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and may come back later
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