How I Found My Life Purpose and Stopped Caring What Others Think

Many times we are challenged to come out of who we are for the sake of finding acceptance in proxy of GOD’s voice or Written Word.  I’ve definitely had my share of these moments.  These are times of great warfare, when it is clear the enemy is after my life purpose.  He usually makes use of his same tools, packaged differently so it takes me a little more time to see what he is planning.  But I am learning that the struggle is not an indication of weakness.  It is a clear sign of growth and maturity.  Satan came to Jesus at a time of spiritual consecration.  Jesus was at the end of a forty day fast.  He was seeking His Father’s face.  It was in this moment that He was brought to a high mountain and tempted by satan three times.  But the time I want to highlight for this focus is the third time.  This was a temptation that preys on the weak in identity clarity.

Have you ever had someone question who you are?  Has GOD ever shown you your life purpose and who you are but others say the opposite of you?  Have you ever been told that you are not enough, don’t know enough or been put in a box of limitations?  The question is frank- Why are you putting up with this type of existence?  It is very disturbing to the human soul when you have to bow before man in GOD’s stead.  We were created to worship Him alone.  Our eyes become engulfed in man pleasing, worshiping man, when we are not engaging truth consistently.  We start to wonder if the questioning of our greatness is true.

But I encourage you to put that to the side and close the doors.  No matter what others say of you, you are who your Father declares first.  You are created in His image.  You are beautiful.  You are a masterpiece.  You have been ordained a voice for GOD since before you were born.  But one object you are Not is the subject of abuse.  I have had to learn how to love myself and would recommend this perspective to both friend or foe.  Close the doors to toxic relationships in love.  Love is not self sabotage; it is setting boundaries that protect your identity.

When we began to depend on man more than GOD we start wanting to please man.  When we want to please man more than GOD we begin to doubt who He says we are if man misses the mark (and man usually will).  When men miss the mark we begin to try being who he wants us to be (limiting and false).  We start comparing ourselves to others who have the approval of man (the one we are trying to win).  And we miss out on the One who longs to say, “I approve of you.  I love you for who you are.  Don’t let go of who I have made you to be for a word of loving approval from another.  Allow me to affirm you, to love you, to embrace you.  I alone am your rock.  Trust me.”

We are then reawakened to His love.  It is unconditional, nonjudgmental, full of grace, packaged with truth.  Our minds are set free when we choose to receive His free gift of love.  We are content.  We are joyful.  We are overflowing with the reality of His great love.  And we see that we do not need the enticing words of the enemy to make us feel better.  Jesus lived in this reality.  He was full of the Father’s love for Him, so sure of Himself.

When Satan tempted Jesus with what He wanted most, the whole world, Jesus took consolation in the Father’s love.  He was not moved nor shaken.  He did not need those desires because He was full of the Father’s love, full of faith based on GOD’s Word.  He knew the Scriptures would be fulfilled and His Father would never let Him down.  He would receive the promise.  There was no need for a counterfeit.  His heart was guarded with the Father’s love.  He therefore turned down the need for more.

Although Jesus knew His call was to the entire world, His focus was the twelve disciples and He would win the world through them.  They would do greater things than He.  My heart began to bend with wisdom as I meditated on this truth.  We are not to give up on the concept of success because we do not have tangible results that the man we want to please counts measurable.  It is the Man that we should be most concerned about pleasing.  He wants our heart’s attention and focus.  We receive His love even with our twelve and we rely on His nature to fulfil His manifestations.

We know He will do what He said He would do because He is Truth.  He’s not like man.  He does not lie.  He is the essence of Truth.  He is our Rock, our strength, our grace, everything we need to overcome in the valley.

Are you on a mountaintop, in the place of consecration, ready to face the giant of despair, comparison or counterfeit calling?  Let go of the one you desire to find approval from and listen for the True voice of Jesus.  He is right there waiting to tell you how strong, caring, and loving you are.  He wants to thank you for your dedication.  He wants to assure you that you can overcome in the battle.  He wants to give you advice on how to fulfil your purpose and He wants to show you the people He has placed in your life to help you succeed. But He’ll also show you the people you need to love in a different way (from a distance), keeping your heart protected because He is jealous for your heart.

Have you been in the mountaintop testing of maturity?  Get excited!  This is a time of graduation and advancement.  Share how you have overcome, a prayer request or questions below regarding identity and this battle towards contentment.  I would be honored to hear from you and look forward to being able to encourage one another in boldly moving into purpose.

Scripture for Meditation:  

Psalm 139:13-14

For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.We are the possession of GOD and He longs to give us an awareness of our life purpose.

Pray this prayer with me:  Father, thank You for making me with a purpose according to Jeremiah chapter one.  You have made it clear that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Show me the details of my life purpose and my makeup that I may never long to trade my identity for another.  Forgive me for Longing for the praise of others when I should have been seeking Your affections.  I place You first on the throne of my heart, asking You to reveal Your thoughts towards me.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

This Week in GOD: Meditate on John 4:8-10. Ask GOD to show you what you can learn from Jesus’ positioning, responses and choices in the Mountaintop Temptation.  Also meditate on Psalm 139:13-14.  Ask GOD to reveal more of who you are and His purpose for you.  Journal what you hear.

You are welcome to comment on how you are growing in identity, share prayer requests and encourage one another in the comments section.


In His Love,


Jade Lee

Do you want to go deeper?  You can also get my book on identity to help you grow in this area of your life.  Build a strong foundation to help you avoid man pleasing and learn to love yourself as Christ loves you.

Above is a recent pic of me enjoying one of my favorite pass times🎀.  Free to be You!



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  1. Candy
    Candy says:

    I thought this was a great and timely blog post for my life. For years living my life to please others has caused me to deny who I really am. This past year I have been challenged to ditch the past and the man pleasing and pursue God and learn his thoughts for me. I have had some victories but now see myself challenged in this area again as I am beginning to make transitions in my life. I have even had to cut out Facebook for awhile just to cut out the images that have caused me to compare my life to others. As my birthday approaches I have found myself looking at the success and seemingly perfect lives of others and compare them to my own. I am making a conscious decision now to not compare and diminish the awesome life God has for me just so I can look good for others. The quiet times when I choose to silence all the lies and cry out to my father have been the most peaceful. Discovering who I am and walking away from who everyone thinks I am or who I should be has been a hurtful process but very rewarding. As the layers are falling off I am loving who I am and who God made me. How encouraging to know that this is just another test and a nudge to seek God more.

    • admin
      admin says:


      Your vulnerability is priceless. Thank you for your humility and openness. I value it greatly! I pray that you will have more and more “times” of awareness, those quiet times with Him that aid you in seeing truth. As you know, His view is so different than ours. May those lies fade away more and more as you rest in His love. And may you establish the Art of being Yourself knowing that no one’s life is perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Love, Peace & Blessings to you!


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