How does GOD respond when we turn our back on Him?

Jeremiah 3:19-20

“I planned what I’d say if you returned to me: ‘Good!  I’ll bring you back into the family, I’ll give you choice land, land that the godless nations would die for.’  And I imagined that you would say, ‘Dear father!’ and would never again go off and leave me.  But no luck.  Like a false-hearted woman walking out on her husband, you, the whole family of Israel, have proven false to me.”  GOD’s Decree.

Have you ever had something or someone you couldn’t wait for; you knew the moment was coming, had faith it would swell your heart with joy and were waiting with anticipation?  That’s the sense of emotion I get when reading this passage.  Although both Israel and Judah had backslidden from GOD, not even taking the time to acknowledge Him, but GOD was committed to the relationship and had already premeditate His response when Israel returned.

He was filled with excitement about the day they chose to come back home.  He already had a plan of what He would say.  It would not be a reminder of all they had done wrong or condemning words of disapproval.  Instead, He would lovingly embrace them as a Father and a Husband.  He would run up to them with eyes of wonder and joy, catching them in His hands, twirling them around in delight.  Like a movie when a beautiful bride awaits her husband’s return from war. She prepares herself for The Moment.  Dressed in her finest apparel, not a ringlet of hair out of place, she stands waiting for the grand entry.  She looks around seeing children reunited with their father, husbands reuntied with wives and old friends hugging one another knowingly,  The sound of the train and breeze whisps around her heart, causing even more feelings of exhilaration.  And here He is, her Prince Charming, fully suited in garbs of honor.

She runs to him in delight.  This is her moment of nothing but sheer acceptance and approval.  The world seems to stop and life becomes perfection in the arms of love.  This moment would be forever sketched in her mind: the day she got her love back from a potentially eternal split.

GOD is awaiting the return of His Bride in full apparel, ready to see Him.  And as we, His Spiritual Israel or Judah, leave it all behind (the false lovers and idol gods); we realize we couldn’t have had it better all along!  We are blessed.

Have you experienced A Moment with GOD you will never forget?  Or perhaps you are ready to let it all go and finally rest in His Loving Embrace.  He has already planned what He will say when you return.  In fact, every time you fall, He is there to lovingly catch you with a warm smile on His face and a Father’s loving heart.

A Recent Moment with my Wonderful Husband:

jlo pic22

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  1. Mea
    Mea says:

    Wow! I have never heard it out this way. This is something our nation it seems needs to hear desperately, the love of God is greater than us! Brings me to tears 🙂

    • Jade Lee
      Jade Lee says:

      The awareness of how needy we are and accepting He is can truly be overwhelming. I believe we all are in great need of this truth, delving deeply within our insecurities and failures.


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