By: Paige Smith

It didn’t take long into marriage for me to realize how vital prayer was to our union. At first I viewed prayer as something good, but not essential, similar to eating your greens. Now three years into this beautiful and unexpected journey I see prayer as our source for everything, irreplaceable and invaluable.

Like anything else in my life, there was little I could accomplish without the grace and empowerment of God and my marriage was no different.

Prayer has become my lifeline as a wife, giving me peace when I feel at my end, clarity when I feel confused, and a window into God’s perspective and heart towards my husband when I lose sight of it.

Prayer changes our hearts, our lives, and our relationships!

Prayer changes our hearts, our lives, and our relationships!

It has made all the difference in our marriage and I’m confident it will do the same in your own.

I’ve been able to rejoice and see God answer prayers from the quiet whispers of my heart to the desperate cries that reach His ears alone. Prayers for financial breakthrough, emotional healing, physical protection, favor and unity when it seems the enemy is bent on bringing division between us.

It can be easy to forget the power of prayer in our natural struggles in our marriages but verses like Ephesians 6:12 help remind us:

“This is not a wrestling match against a human opponent. We are wrestling with rulers, authorities, the powers who govern this world of darkness, and the spiritual forces that control evil in the heavenly world,” (GOD’S WORD Translation)

For this article I brought my husband along for the journey, and asked him what are the 7 best things I can pray for him about. Several I had already been praying but a few I hadn’t thought of and would love to share with prayers for each point.

7 Prayers for Your Husband:

1. Intimacy with the Lord

“God I pray for my husband to enjoy deep intimacy with your Holy Spirit. I pray he would drink from the well that never runs dry, that he would be a man after Your own heart like David, and that He would dwell with you all the days of His life” (John 4:14, Acts 13:22, Psalm 27:4).
2. Relational needs in Marriage being fulfilled

“Father please help my husband and I meet each others relational needs, help us to respect each other, comfort one another, and accept each other despite our flaws. Help us to encourage one another, to pay attention to each other, support each other, and help bring security to each other.”
3. His Relationship with our Children.

A photo of my husband and our son Elijah :)

A photo of my husband and our son Elijah :)

“God would you turn the heart of my husband to his children and turn the heart of our children to him. I pray for the spirit of Elijah in our family, that my husband would have a loving fatherly heart.”(Malachi 4:6).
4. God working Love in his Heart and our Marriage.

“Father I pray 1 Corinthians 13 over our marriage. We want to love the way you love us. Help us to be patient, kind, preferring and honoring each other. Help us to be slow to offense and slow to anger.

I pray we would trust one another, believe the best in each other, I pray our love for each other would never fail. Empower my husband to love me the way you love your church and help me to uplift and lovingly submit to him as your church does to you” (1 Corinthians 13, Ephesians 5).
5. Protection against Hinderances.

“God I pray for a Psalms 91 protection over my husband. I pray your angels would encamp around him bearing him up in his hands lest he dash his foot against a stone. I pray against any hinderances to his calling, destiny, and ask that you would hide him under your shadow as he dwells in the secret place” (Psalm 91).
6. Open Doors, Blessings, and Opportunities.

“God I pray my husband would grow in favor with You and others. I pray for favor at his job, for opportunities to spread your light and to influence others for your kingdom. I pray for favor and blessings far greater than he couldn’t earn or receive in his own strength” (1 Samuel 2:26).
7. Relationships with Older, Seasoned Men of God.

“God I ask you would surround my husband with godly mature men to mentor and disciple him. I pray you would surround him with older fathers, husbands, businessmen, and leaders that will pour godly and practical wisdom and direction into his life as you did with Paul and Timothy and so many other men and women of faith in your Word”.

I hope you have been inspired to pray for your husband in areas that maybe never came to mind before! It’s in the place of prayer that not only are our situations and relationships changed but ourselves! We find peace, confidence, and renewed strength.

Our prayers for our husbands are powerful!

Our prayers for our husbands are powerful!

I pray this article is the beginning or continuation of a vibrant prayer life for you and blessing for your marriage!

How has prayer changed your life? What are you believing God for in your marriage? Feel free to answer or share any comments and insights you have, we love hearing from you.