7 Common Pitfalls as we Grow In God

  1. Pride- As we grow in God it is tempting to feel like we are better than others, including those leading us & that God has sent to be our village support system. One day we look up and see we have more influence, an enhanced voice, more revelation and we can see the fruit of our walk with God blossoming.  This is great! It is good to celebrate these victories. But like all areas when we are new to it, we can get so caught up in it that comparison sneaks in and we start feeling we are “better” in a sense than others who have going before us or who are even following us. Just because we see fruit in one area or may even have grown past a person in one area does not mean they no longer have anything to give to us.  Humility is so important in the midst of celebrating growth! Proverbs 16:18
  2. False humility- As we grow in God it is easy to feel like we need to be humble and put on an air of humility, forsaking the balance of having confidence in who we have been made to be and what we have been created to do so we dumb it down rather than confidently walk into it.  This is really dangerous because we can become prey to both condemnation and a low self esteem in the process. Hebrews 10:35-36
  3. Secrecy- As we grow in God it is easy to mistake intimacy for secrecy.  Although discretion is important being super secretive and stepping away from community is not spiritually healthy and is advised against in the Bible.  Hebrews 10:35
  4. Gossip- As we grow in God it is easy to fall into the pit of gossip with others especially through hidden ways that don’t look like gossip such as prayer requests or venting.  We might even develop attitudes and slander others without all the facts or direct communication with that person. It is hard for people’s views to change about a person after your ideas may be disproven, especially if they are maturing in the faith.  Yes, we do need healthy, safe places to share our pains and concerns but professional counseling, your marriage, pastors and other qualified professionals may be the best place to do so in an empowering, building way. Ephesians 4:29 
  5. Pretense- As we grow in God it is easy to operate in pretense.  We can become so full of religion and the way we think we should be that we lose our authentic selves in the process.  We start aiming to please others more than pleasing God. We start doing things to be seen by others and to look the part.  This is a normal part of the growth process. Eventually we see it and begin to swing back to a place of balance- caring about what others think is not All bad, but placing it into the context of what God says and thinks is healthier.  Matthew 6:16-18
  6. Lack of Vulnerability- As we grow in God it is easy to lack vulnerability and Only want to show people what we are doing well, what we have accomplished and our highlight reel rather than sharing where we feel weak or could grow.  True ministry and strength comes from a place of vulnerability, this is healthy and helps others not compare or feel their lives aren’t adequate. Vulnerability is real strength. 2 Corinthians 12:9-10
  7. Comparison- As we grow in God it is easy to compare ourselves to others rather than being happy with who we are and with what we have.  Who you are and what you have is more than enough, everyone is on their own path and God’s timing is different for each of us.  This ensures we can be a mutual blessing to one another. 2 Corinthians 10:12