Did you know Jade speaks to ministries, churches and schools?  She also does one-on-one mentorship!  Here are a few of  her core focuses:

      • Healing- Through Jade’s experiences coaching and mentoring young adults she has found that this is a generation in need of a lot of healing, not because of their own faulting but due to the breakdown of the family unit.  You may have found this to be true in ministry, parenting or life in general.  Jade will help walk your group through strategic ways to establish healing from foundational relationships. 
      • Life Purpose- It can be hard discovering God’s purpose for your life.  All of us have moments where we feel a lack of purpose, we need more direction and we want to know that we are making a difference.  Jade shares a powerful message, entitled Free to Be You, full of motivation and Biblical truth that will aid you in your path towards destiny.
    • Transitions- When we have a need for security, a desire to be settled and our life is suddenly changing, it can be hard to get back to a place of peace.  This message will help you discover the power of depending on God’s unchanging Word when you are in the place of transition.  How do you cope in a positive way, preparing your heart and mind while in the place of the unknown?
    • Relationships- We live in a world of faltering relationships, from marriage to extended family to broken friendships.  Learn how to repair the wounded areas of relationship, what can you do to relate more effectively and discover how knowing yourself more intimately can create relational health
    • How to Be a Lady Etiquette Program- Jade has also created an etiquette program on “How to Be a Lady” that is available to schools, community organizations, and government programs that are in need of basic life skill development, hygiene, and manners training for girls and young women.  Book her below if you would like her to speak to your group.
    • College Athletes- Did you know Jade was a former All American, MVP and received 6 MEAC Track and Field Championship Titles while in college? She experientially understanding what it is like to be a college athlete, transition into the real world and train for the professional level.  And she would love to speak to your group of high school or college athletes to inspire them in the areas of discipline, hard work ethics, choosing friends and winning in life.
      • Mentorship Program- Jade also mentors college and young adult women, ages 18-35.  If you would like to begin mentorship in the areas of speaking, writing, home management, mentoring others, character development or being a woman in ministry simply fill in the form below to begin your process.  Jade’s assistant will contact you back and set up an initial consultation meeting.

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