I Inspire Women to Dream (6)Hi my name is Jade Lee and I am a fertility coach. I tried to get pregnant for many years, 12 to be exact, and I want to share my experience with you in a practical, friendly, hope-filled way. I’m here to help you if…

You just found out that you may be facing infertility and need to know what to do next?

You have been trying to get pregnant and are feeling down about the hindrance you are facing?

You are wondering how you are going to keep going through this process and maintain faith?

You have tried all types of diets and doctor visits and are weary?

You just need a listening ear?  Someone that has been where you are and can keep you motivated

You are struggling with wondering why, feeling a sense of inadequacy, hopelessness or shame?

You are trying to sort out the options in front of you (IUI, IVF, Adoption, Natural Childbirth)?

You need emotional and spiritual support outside of doctor visits and medical advice?

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My coaching includes:

1. Chats– a listening ear to talk to about your process, how you are feeling, how you are processing your journey and what you have tried with someone who has been where you are for over 12 years (I say this humbly and as a friend in acknowledgement of the fact that so much of infertility makes you feel alone and isolated from other women because of fertility shaming in our culture)

2. Prayer– a prayer partner, someone to pray you through this journey as a friend, take prayer requests and contend for your breakthrough.  My coaching call are unique in that my journey with you will not be based on eastern religions or meditations, it is a Christian based program that will be rooted in the Biblical principles.

3. Goal Planning– helping you plan your family, not from a medical stand point but a coaching standpoint, what are your goals, limitations, fears, options, I’ve learned a lot from my own process of not knowing where to begin, how to get pass this, ignoring it, trying to just keep going and having a hard time getting to productivity and acceptance of what I was going through.  I want to share that with other women in my shoes!


Coaching sessions with me will not only inspire you but it will provide you with a step by step plan to eliminate stress and increase motivation, easily saving you hours upon hours of time and energy trying to figure it out yourself.

It will also provide you with the Motivation and Drive to stay on task, finishing to the end and reaching your goals.

You’re one step away from taking the next step towards becoming a parent. I’ll give you a 20 min Free Consultation Session today, just click below to get started!