Three Ways to Wear Olive Green Jeans for the Fall

Fall is by far my favorite season of the year!  I had so much fun pairing together different tops with this one pair of olive green jeans…I’ve always loved fall colors, navy blues, browns, ivories, hunter greens and my favorite- deep burgundy reds.  And they are in my color wheel, these are the colors I dress with, decorate with and am naturally drawn too.  Knowing your season can be so helpful in knowing what colors work best for you too, I’ll do a fashion post on that soon!

Here I have three different looks with the same basic foundation of high rise, green riding pants and an essential white tank.  It is so key to have these essentials in our wardrobes that we can pair with other more trendy pieces.  They complete our wardrobe.  Then we can dress up our looks with accessories and shoes or in this case riding boots.

These looks all have an earthy, relaxing feel to them while still appearing to have a finished touch.  By changing jackets and in the second look a sweater, these three outfits have taken on their own personality while remaining classic and timeless.

In the coming days, I can’t wait to share more about the basics of dressing for your own body type, knowing the colors that work best for you and being the best version of yourself as possible!  Hope you are enjoying the fall season as much as I am…and looking forward to Christmas holidays as well! xoxo

Look One: Jacket: Forever 21  Tank: Target Jeans: Bloomingdales  Necklace: Macys

Look Two: Hat: Nine West  Sweater: Madewell  Boots: Enzo Angiolini

Look Three: Jacket: Urban Outfitters Necklace: Loft


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