Women’s Leadership Academy 2018

I’ve always thought that being a lady is about your age and the way you dress. Unfortunately, that’s definitely not the case.A lady puts God first, family second and others third. The Academy has helped me become the woman God has created me to be.

Authum Bertrand23 yrs old; Dallas, TX


Are you tired of being in a rut at work, do you want to live with passion, to find your life purpose, and dream again?  Have others tried to stop you through their limited perspective of who you are?
Do you already know your purpose?  Can you see it?  Maybe GOD has given you dreams about it but there is a missing bridge between your dream potential and the actual fulfillment of what you see yourself doing.  Maybe there is something stopping you, but you can’t quite place your finger on the problem.

Well, this is our passion at JLO.  We want to help you accomplish your goals.  We want to help you place the missing pieces.  Sometimes it’s closer than we think, only one or two more pieces are needed to get clarity on our calling.

But there’s always a gatekeeper that opens that door for you.  The JLO Academy may be that Gatekeeper. 

We know you’ve already done so much of the work, we’re just here to help you clarify what is in place, pull out your potential and give that final push.  We’re here to fill in the blanks on a schedule that actually works, relational challenges with friendships, in romantics relationships and at work.  

You will walk out of the Academy with Real Answers to life questions.  Direction will become impossible to miss and favor will be on you for your future task. 

The best news is, you guessed it…You can take these classes on demand, right from your living room, bedroom, or on breaks at work.  You can take 3 full classes for only $50 a month.  That’s only $200 for the entire course. 

These courses help us all remember how to prioritize our life again.  The balance between what we love most–the people in our life–becomes actualized.  Once that balance is in lace, everything else begins to line up wonderfully.  Become the person you see in our mind- free, happy, doing what we were created to do, embracing our life passion.


Full of joy that impacts your friends, family and even coworkers.  Fear, Doubt, Discouragement,  and Excuses are a thing of the past because we have learned how to practice the Art of Visualization. 

Finally, we have the tools to accomplish our goals and to create a positive support system (aka the right people) around us. 

All we ask you to do is bring an open heart and a mind ready to expand.  All of this for the cost of an outfit and hair appointment! 

Get ready for your life to flourish again!


The Leadership Academy is a four month program for women to obtain hands on training in their career, personal and spiritual lives.   We will learn how to accelerate in every area of our lives with classes on relaxation techniques, developing a personal health plan, individualized wardrobe advice, tips on motherhood and preparing for/building a strong marriage.  Learn everything from Business Etiquette, Establishing your own Brand, Table Etiquette, Relating to the Opposite Sex to Occasion Dressing.  Find out, Why Are We Needed, especially in the black community.

Take time out to journal what God is stirring in your heart for this year.

Our classes are structured into three major areas and have proven to have a high success rate.  Attendees life skill development, career and family goals prove to thrive. 3 Classes are provided on a monthly basis:

Godly Womanhood  This course teaches women how to develop a consistent prayer life and keep GOD first while laying a foundation in the Proverbs 31 Characteristics of a Godly woman.  When your spiritual life is in tact and you are at peace, all other areas began to flourish.

How to be a Lady  Develop the knowledge, skillset and discipline needed to be a Lady.  This does not always come naturally but can be taught by others who know the Art of being a Lady.  Being a Lady means taking care of yourself, family and others.  Take this class to learn the art of being a lady.

Professional Development  This course will prepare you for the workplace and business entrepreneurship.  Develop the skills and work ethic needed to obtain your dreams, such as business etiquette, managing others, international table manners, interviewing skills and more.  Get ready for your career to sour, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
Each one of these topics are taught at each monthly session and classes will be held January 2017-April 2017, with a graduation on May 6, 2017. The first class starts on January 21, 2017, and the 1st Saturday of every month thereafter. Please note, monthly installments are due on the first of each month to ensure entry to that month’s class.

Our classes are also available On Demand! If you are outside the Atlanta area  you can still participate in the Academy.

Sign up today to become a better you in every area of life and join others in saying that you became the Leader you are Called to be at this year’s Academy!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments for more information at info@jadelee.org.  Find out more about the CEO and Founder of JLO’s Academy at www.JadeLee.org.

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