JadeLee.org has served as a great resource for sharpening me as a woman, leader and professional.  Before attending the leadership academy, I had the challenge of balancing school, work, ministry, extracurricular activities, and personal leisure.  I was taught how to organize and prioritize every area of my life.  JadeLee.org is set on training America’s next future women leaders.

Mizer EdwardsLeadership Academy Graduate

JadeLee.org has blessed my life in so many different ways.  It has defintiely taught me how to be a lady and how to have a healthy lifestyle while working.  Growing up no one every taught me steps of how to be a lady and coming to JLO Workshops has transformed my life.  The main topic that Mrs. Lee spoke about was achieving your dreams.  Just a while back I actually gave up some of my dreams but after hearing…it gave me a different perspective

Andria BertrandWorshop Attendee

At 20 years old I have worked on both Wall Street and in Silicon Valley.  In both experiences it was evident that leadership development for women is in high demand and there is a great supply.  Identifying my own need for leadership growth, I have attended many leadership trainings, workshops, women’s groups, and read books but I always felt that I was neglecting my interconnected identity as a black Christian woman.  Until I had the privilege to attend and graduate from the JLO Leadership Academy.

India AdamsUpcoming Professional

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