Free to Be You

The Struggle to find our Identity in Christ is a very real and necessary battle in finding life purpose. But this battle is worth every moment of internal searching. Go on a journey with author, Jade Lee, as she helps you discover the Freedom to Be Yourself, the Leadership Skills within Your Life, how you can Build with Purpose and the tools to Minister to Others in Your Lane. This resource will help you break free of the need for approval from others before stepping into your destiny, leaving you with the foundation you need to overcome many life obstacles. At the end of each part, “This Week in GOD” Challenges will help you practice what you have read in a real life setting.

The Pull

Have you ever felt pulled away from God? Or found yourself in a battle going back to a lifestyle you once overcame? In The Pull, Jade Lee outlines the resources you will need to overcome this phenomenon that affects many Christian youth today.

Learn the details to recognize the deception, overcome backsliding and live a long-term victorious life. This book will also equip you with details of spiritual warfare and includes Life Application questions at the end of each chapter.