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Hi my name is Jade Lee and I am a professional writer and book writing coach.  I have written four books spanning from inspirational to historical and religious contents.  I’m here to help you if…

You want to write a book but have had a hard time knowing where to begin, getting your story off the ground and onto the page?  

You have years of experience or content that’s sitting in journals or presentations but haven’t formulated it into a book, even though you want to?  

You have already written a book and want to self publish?

You need editing services? 


Does writing a book seem like the missing link to your business or profession? Or maybe you just want to share your interesting story with friends and family.

I help speakers, professionals, life coaches, moms, dads, entrepreneurs, retired workers and more get their dream off the ground.

Coaching sessions with me will not only inspire you but it will provide you with a step by step instructions on how to write your book easily saving you wasted time and energy trying to figure it out yourself.

It will also provide you with the Motivation and Drive to stay on task, finishing to the end of publishing.

You’re one step away from your writing dreams.  I’ll give you a Free Session today, just click below to get started!