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Direct Action: From King’s Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter’s Direct Action One of the most discoursed and perhaps controversial movements of our day has been the Black Lives Matter Movement.  To speak of it from pop culture to political reports and theological circles is to enter into an oftentimes emotionally challenging, heightened yet lively conversation centering in the deontological ethics of […]

Overcoming Fear with Faith

Knowing the current season you are in and why you are facing so much fear is half of the battle in being able to fill your heart with the faith needed to overcome. This message is designed to give you clarity in your faith walk during seasons of turbulence.

How to Stop Worrying & Start Trusting God

Worry doesn’t have a place in a believer’s life, today I shared how to overcome it with more positive thoughts based on God’s Word. You can life a life in the moment, that believes for the best in your future!

Comparing Yourself to Others with Rebecca Shirey

Comparing Yourself to Others takes you out of character, get you off focus and distracted from living your best life, a life meant to fully embrace.  In this episode of Inspire Tuesday’s Jade interviews the beautiful Rebecca Shirey, who pours out the wisdom of years of Bible study at the tender age of her 70’s, […]

Adopting a Child and Finding Your Calling with Attorney Christina Campbell

Thinking about Adopting one day or want to know your calling?  This insightful interview with attorney, Christina Campbell, helped us understand all the ways you can adopt and how to go about it in simple steps. She gives tips to prepare now and not later while inspiring us with her own story of narrowing her […]

How and Why God Tests Us

It is possible to be tested by God and not know Why or How God normally tests people.  When this happens its normal to feel like you are going through something unfair, that is your fault or confusing.  Maybe you feel like you just can’t hear God’s voice and don’t know how to get back […]